4 Benefits Of Spa Facials

What’s the deal with facials? Are you just paying someone else to wash your face - something that even really lazy people do themselves at home? Well, you can stop puzzling over this query (it causes worry lines, my dear) because we have 4 reasons why you should get a facial on a regular basis.

1. GET A THOROUGH CLEANING Dermatologists liken spa facials to visits with your dentist. Sure, you brush and floss daily but you still get your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis, right? In the same way, regular spa treatments are an essential complement to your daily skin routine. Professional facials, especially acne facials, take the state of your complexion to the next level. Often skin care conditions are a continuing challenge and the effectiveness of home skin care need to be boosted with regular spa treatments. Together, at-home and in-spa treatments produce successful results, better and faster.

Extractions can only be safely performed by professionals - all the more reason to visit your esthetician on a regular basis.

2. HIRE A PRO EXTRACTOR One of the biggest no-nos for problem skin is picking at your pimples. Every time you squeeze or touch a blemish, you’re at risk for scarring and dark marks . Extractions can only be safely performed by professionals - all the more reason to visit your esthetician on a regular basis.

3. ASK FOR AN EXPERT OPINION You can get a general idea of your skin type but with the constant change to your skin due to seasons, diet, age, and even weather, it’s reassuring to get professional advice on a regular basis. Is that acne due to hormones or is something in your lifestyle clogging your pores? Only the experts know - so we recommend seeing your esthetician for frequent examination and advice.

4. RELAX AND UNWIND Let’s be honest. One of the best reasons for getting a facial is the soothing spa experience. Facial massages, hot towels and the beautiful smells of Éminence products? This is truly spaaaah time. And since stress always plays a factor on the condition of your skin, we say: turn up the dial on your chill-out time. Check out our Signature Facial Treatments at Beatitude Skincare - you'll be spoiled.

How often do you book a spa facial? Let us know in the comments below.

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